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ItÕs hard to match the natural beauty of wood. The individuality of its tone and color. The way the grains move up and down and side to side in a jagged race. The smoothness of the cool surface as you run your fingers along the finish. Wood lasts, and it lasts because it stands the test of time in a way that mot much else these days can. ItÕs as solid and sturdy as the memories it helps to create. You can look at wood furniture and think of years past. Maybe it was an old bed in your grandparentsÕ cottage in the country. Maybe it was the dining room table you sat around every evening for dinner when you were a kid. Maybe it was your fatherÕs desk that once seemed so big as you sat on his lap watching him work. Familiarity breeds comfort and when you think about these items, for a moment, youÕre home again. YouÕve gone back to a place, a time, a state of mind that helped to lay your groundwork.

Wood furniture allows you to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. If you enjoy a natural element in your homeÕs décor , then youÕll enjoy a wood daybed. The benefits of beauty and durability ensure that a wood daybed will remain a staple in your home for many years. From cool pine to deep mahogany, youÕll surely find what youÕre looking for within our wide variety of styles, types, and finishes. If you enjoy a classic wood look, then youÕll enjoy the Coaster Classic Daybed in Oak. If you prefer a natural finish, then consider the Coaster Lakeshore Daybed. Those who enjoy the stark simplicity of black may prefer the Casey Daybed in Black by Fashion Bed Group. No matter what your preference, you can find what youÕre looking for with a wood daybed. Enjoy the benefit of natural beauty that stands the test of time, and create new memories for yourself and future generations as well.