Daybeds For Any Type. Daybeds For Any Style

Daybeds are known for their versatility, and loved for their chic and trendy look. Different types of daybeds offer different levels of functionality, allowing you to maximize your space with an attractive and versatile solution for sitting or sleeping.

Trundle daybeds are perfect for creating an extra sleeping space in a living room, family room, office, or guest room. In addition to the Twin size sleeping area on top, the underbed trundle can be pulled out and arranged to establish another Twin size sleeping accommodation. Use a trundle daybed as a cute and comfortable seating solution day-to-day, while having the option of putting up overnight guests easily and comfortably. There are two common types of trundle daybeds, pop-up and standard. Pop-up trundles are stored under the bed but can be pulled out and raised to match the height of the daybed, essentially combining two Twin size mattresses, which is ideal for couples. The other type of trundle simply pulls out from under the bed and stays near the floor, and works well for sleepovers or siblings.

Similar to the standard trundle daybed, storage daybeds replace the underbed component with a pull-out drawer. This drawer area can be broken up into multiple compartments or simply be one large storage space the size of a Twin size mattress. Storage daybeds are great for those who donŐt have overnight guests often, adding a significant amount of out-of-the-way storage to any room of the home.

While a daybed in and of itself is a versatile and space-efficient piece of furniture, the addition of trundles and storage can further multiply that functionality to create a truly impressive unit all wrapped up in an attractive package.