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Largo Furniture is a brand known for mid-high grade furniture with a Traditional influence and excellent quality and style. Largo Furniture was founded in 1988, and started by importing metal beds and daybeds. Since then, Largo has expanded into other furniture categories, but continues to provide high-quality daybeds. Largo offers both wood and metal daybeds, in a variety of finishes and styles that lean toward Traditional.

Many of our Largo daybeds come with a optional mattress option to ensure you get a high-quality set at a good price. Largo daybeds make a great addition to living rooms, family rooms, and spare rooms with their high-end designs full of character. While some daybeds are better suited to be set off to the side and used for spare seating or an extra sleeping accommodation, Largo daybeds have the quality and style to be placed at the forefront of your home dˇcor where they can impress guests and enhance the aesthetics of the room. Largo daybeds come in at mid-range prices, offering a good balance of value and quality. Largo daybeds are a noticeable step above low-end daybeds, but still priced affordably compared to high-end brands.