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If you want a daybed that can go from a comfortable seating area to a sleeping accommodation for two adults, then a daybed with a pop-up trundle is the perfect solution. The pop-up trundle can be stored under the daybed, but can be raised to match the height of the daybed to combine two Twin size mattresses (which is equivalent to the width of a King size). Daybeds with a pop-up trundle are perfect for accommodating occasional overnight guests without having a King size bed constantly taking up living space in your home.

While all daybeds are intended for multi-purpose use as a bed and a seating area, most only offer a Twin size sleeping surface that is too small for couples to share, and can even be uncomfortable just for tall or big individuals. While a regular trundle can provide an additional Twin size sleeping surface for a second person, the pop-up trundle is needed to combine both mattresses at a shared height.

If you accommodate guests enough to want a place to put them up for the night, but not enough to where you want to designate an entire room for guests, then a daybed is the perfect solution. And if your guests are often couples (your parents, relatives, or just couple friends), then they will be much more comfortable being able to sleep side-by-side. Daybeds are more stylish than sleeper sofas, and much more convenient. Daybeds with a pop-up trundle offer all of the style and comfort of a normal daybed, but with the added capability of creating a single, shareable sleeping surface.