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Kids Daybeds

Kids Daybeds

A daybed's functionality is ideal for childrens' rooms. Kids love having a bed they can sleep and sit on. And pop-up trundles are perfect for sleep-overs.

Kids daybeds come in multiple finishes to fit any decor. Don't miss out on an excellent transitional piece for your child's room. A daybed is a great piece of furniture for young ones!

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Daybeds are such a versatile piece of furniture, and no room is more in need of versatility than a childís bedroom. The bedroom is such an important place for kids. Itís where they go to be fully themselves. To act out their fantasies. To learn. To sleep and dream. Itís where children hone their interests and talents, and where they build social skills by playing with friends. The bedroom can foster the childís individuality and provide a comfortable atmosphere in which to play, learn, and grow. Daybeds are great for kidsí rooms because they serve so many functions. They serve as a seating area during the day where your child can sit and read, play, and nap. Pull back the covers at night to reveal a perfectly sized bed for the child to get the proper sleep he or she needs to be healthy and grow. Also, the hidden trundle bed is perfect for a sleepover. A daybed is an excellent transitional piece of furniture that will last while your child grows into a young adult.

If youíre looking for a daybed for a girl, consider the Bristol Canopy Daybed from Hillsdale Furniture. Itís beautiful construction showcases both classic and modern styles, and the floral accents will delight any special little girl. If youíre looking for a daybed for a boyís bedroom, the Kendall Daybed from Hooker Furniture can stay with him all through his formative years. The rustic cherry finish ensures that he wonít outgrow the style and see it as too childish as he grows. If youíre shopping for bedding for a kidís room, a daybed is a great bed to buy. They come in many designs and styles, so you can find the right one for you and your child. Shop our wide inventory today!

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